Electric motor should only be refueled in places with ventilation and it must be switched off

The electric motor of four-stroke was developed smoothly, because then the durability of the electric motor will be prolonged if the instructions in the manufacturer’s instructions are followed to the letter. The owner’s manual should be read before putting the electric motor in operation for damage and injuries are avoided.

As gasoline is extremely flammable and explosive in some situations it is important to pay attention when filling the electric motor. Ideally, the electric motor only be refueled in places where there is ventilation and electric motor must be off. In addition, smoking is not allowed, to mobile usage in the environment or be very close, as sources of heat and sparks will form.

reelcraft brand by mro supply.

The electric motor of the tank should not get gasoline above indicated and the cover must be placed correctly after the electric motor tank receive the optimal amount of fuel.

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