O que é e como investir em fundos imobiliários

Os fundos imobiliários são fundos que investem em ativos do mercado imobiliário. São  criados por instituições financeiras que vendem suas cotas de participação no investimento total para captação de recursos. São como condomínios fechados com quantidade de participantes determinados. Após a emissão das cotas, as empresas são listadas na bolsa de valores ou no mercado de balcão organizado.

O investidor que possui uma cota tem direito a receber dividendos, uma parte dos rendimentos dos investimentos do fundo imobiliário. Os fundos precisam fazer a distribuição de dividendos a cada semestre, mas vários optam por fazer essa distribuição mensal, uma espécie de aluguel.

Para adquirir as cotas o interessado pode optar pela distribuição primária ou pelo mercado secundário. A distribuição primária ocorre quando uma gestora lança um fundo ou faz uma nova emissão de um fundo já existente. Os recursos vão direto para o gestor e administrador do fundo para que eles façam o investimento para remunerar os cotistas.

Depois que o fundo encerra sua captação as cotas são listadas em um mercado organizado. Após a emissão primária, qualquer investidor pode ir até a bolsa e comprar as cotas de outro investidor que estiver vendendo, este é o mercado secundário.

O valor do dividendo é variável e isento de imposto de renda para pessoas físicas. É um processo semelhante ao processo de venda de ações, cada fundo tem um código e o investidor declara uma ordem de aquisição de cota de determinado fundo. alugar casas na região do parana

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Types and electric motor model

One of the first electric motors to be available on the market was three-phase model that was implemented in the industrial segment. After him, also came monophasic model that is best suited for simple applications. These two types of electric motors are those found in the domestic market and they are very efficient and economical.

To make the electric motor purchase is necessary to search in stores that are selling the same, it is not difficult to find your products and we can also find parts for replacement when necessary. physical and virtual stores work with the sale of these products.

hose reels Hydraulics and Pneumatics

The function of an electric motor is to the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy. The range of models to be that the implementation of the electric motor can also be variable, which allows new segments to be served by this engine now has a great importance for the segments in which they operate.

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Specific electric motor is designed to operate in harsh mining environments

The AC electric motor Wmining line was developed to be applied in the most different and harsh mining environments, it is an electric motor that has a different design characteristics, it is a highly durable engine, resistance and strength and is able to offer a special solution for the segment.

Its characteristic is an electric motor of high performance plus, the degree of protection is rated between IPW66 and power is in the region of 0.5 to 500 hp, the housing in turn is in the 90S 355ml and has I; IV; VI and VII poles and their voltages are 220 volts to 380 volts in carcasses of up to 200L and 220/380/440 volts and carcasses starting from 225 S / M.


This electric motor model also has an additional connection box; fan and fan cover are cast iron; the thermal protection of the coil is made by means of alarm or shutdown; protective hat for constructive ways that are vertically are with the shaft down and an electric motor is able to operate with a frequency inverter.

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Electric motor suffers losses in iron

Iron losses that the electric motor undergoes occurs because of the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy.

The electric induction motor suffers from the problems of loss, therefore the mechanisms that generate heat can be divided depending on where these losses occur. These losses are called: Joule losses, hysteresis losses, eddy current losses, scattered losses and mechanical losses.

The iron losses that the electric motor baldor single phase ac undergoes occurs because of the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy in the magnetic core of the electric motor that can happen both in the stator and in the rotor.

The division of these losses are called hysteresis and eddy current or eddy currents. The losses of the electric motor called eddy currents are Joule losses that are caused by currents induced in the magnetic core and the hysteresis losses occur due to the energy that is spent to align the magnetic dipoles of the iron with the magnetic field.

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Electric motor different models

The different electric motor models allow this machine can meet a number of segments increased. Initially, the industrial sector was the first to adopt this machine so that it could meet its heavy processes effectively and economically.

With the evolution of the machine, the electric motor began to meet other processes and products. Today this machine has a very important role in various segments, so you have an idea we use the engine even in elevators, as well as several other items that need the same to work.


The electric motor serves to make the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. It has many products and services that need this functionality and to achieve this in the most economical way, the electric motor is used. The price of this machine comes out more affordable terms and cost effective than others that perform the same function.

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Electric motor should only be refueled in places with ventilation and it must be switched off

The electric motor of four-stroke was developed smoothly, because then the durability of the electric motor will be prolonged if the instructions in the manufacturer’s instructions are followed to the letter. The owner’s manual should be read before putting the electric motor in operation for damage and injuries are avoided.

As gasoline is extremely flammable and explosive in some situations it is important to pay attention when filling the electric motor. Ideally, the electric motor only be refueled in places where there is ventilation and electric motor must be off. In addition, smoking is not allowed, to mobile usage in the environment or be very close, as sources of heat and sparks will form.

reelcraft brand by mro supply.

The electric motor of the tank should not get gasoline above indicated and the cover must be placed correctly after the electric motor tank receive the optimal amount of fuel.

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